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Gasket Compounds

Hylomar Silicone Sealant Grade 300

HYLOMAR SILICONE SEALANT can be used to produce "form in place" gaskets either by semi automatic application equipment, cartridge gun or direct from syringe. Form in place gaskets reduce large stock holding of different types and sizes of gaskets. All shapes and sizes of gasket can be produced direct from the syringe or cartridge. Hylomar silicone sealant is able to withstand thermal cycling, vibration and mechanical shock ensuring a high performance seal.

**Typical form in place applications : gaskets for crank shaft housing, sumps, gear boxes and water pumps. This gasket compound remains flexible when fully cured and has large gap filling capabilities. **Other typical sealing applications: Glazing, insulating electrical appliances, pipe connections and air conditioning units. Bonding: the high strength nature of silicone sealant makes it ideal for bonding. It is particularly suitable for applications where large gap filling is required. 300 series: Acetoxy curing. General purpose excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, metals and plastics. High tensile strength for improved mechanical performance

  • 300 series: useable max temp:180 to 240c
  • Resistant to weathering and ageing
  • Electrical insulator
  • Resistant to many solvents
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Application Temp : -50c to 60c
  • Elongation Din 53504 : 400%
  • Tensile Strength Din 53504 : 2.1 N/mmsq
  • Hardness Shore A/ Din 53504 : 28
  • Consistency - non slump
  • Specific Gravity : 1.05g/ml
  • Skin time 23c/50% rh : 10-20 mins
Product Sizes
for 300 series:
80ml and 300ml cartridges
Colour: Black, Clear and White
Please note: Customers should satisfy themselves that the product is suitable for their particular application